Our publishing translation service encompasses the literaryjournalistic and academic sphere, to which we devote the care that any rhetorical work would demand. Furthermore, we offer an advertising and marketing translation service, fully backing new trends in trans-creation. At the present time, we are involved in projects with digital publications such as Sin Permiso (a collection of essays with more than 4,000 daily readers) or Babelcube, independent publishing houses such as Rasmia Ediciones and several advertising agencies.

Our work is geared towards:

  • digital or hard copy magazines
  • blogs or web pages in the humanistic field
  • academic articles and specialist books
  • digital or graphic advertising


A specialist translation service is also offered for the deeply technical language involved in science, thanks to our team of experts in scientific – technical language, comprised of qualified linguists, both in the field of translation as well as their respective technical specialisations.

Furthermore, we provide a translation and publishing management service aimed at magazinesblogs or web pages of scientific dissemination that wish to expand the possibilities of their outreach into new markets.

We undertake, therefore the translation of:

  • scientific articles and specialist books
  • technical documents and instruction manuals
  • company agreements and contracts
  • corporate web pages


In this global age, internationalisation is a must. We will provide appraisal in this process, offering you a web translation and localisation service devised for companies that wish to grow and reach out to new markets in an the most efficient and eye-catching manner possible. Aside from this, texts are integrated using a content manager (WordPress, etc.) or in the code of your web site, whilst also catering for the SEO positioning so that the site is more visible.

Also offered:

  • trans-creation for web
  • content review
  • cultural adaptation and SEO
  • post-editing and formatting


Writing well is our calling card. For this reason, if you already have a text, drafted or translated, and need it to fulfil your professional demands, entrust us with its correction or supervision.

We meticulously care for the substance and spirt of your text, so that, as well as merely correcting it, it becomes even more enticing.

We offer unrivalled correction services:

  • typographic and orthographic correction: dealing with the proper use of spellings, accents, punctuation and graphic representation, along with idiomatic voices.
  • stylistic correction: allows us to smooth off the rough edges of the language in your text: giving a new guise to lexical usage and improper syntactical structures, whilst removing mistakes, unnecessary elements and construction that hinder reading and understanding.


We offer conference interpreting services for all types of events. We have on-hand a network of specialist partners trained in all field and boasting multiple language combinations.

Tell us what your needs are and we will come up with a tailor-made solution just for you.

  • simultaneous interpretation
  • consecutive interpretation
  • liaison interpretation
  • telephonic interpretation

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